Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hair and tears

I'm not sure the laser hair reduction treatment is working as well as I thought. My first treatment was at the end of January; by my next treatment four weeks later, I had bald patches where the zapped hair had fallen out. Now there's new, strong hair breaking through the skin. It could just be hair that wasn't in its growth cycle at the end of January. It's so frustrating. I've cried so much about the hair on my body ... it's ugly and disgusting. Everyone jokes about hairy women, how foul it is but until you've been in that situation, you've no idea how much it destroys your self confidence.

People tell me I'm lucky to have a slim figure. They say I'm lucky to have such beautiful hair ... referring to my head, of course. What they don't get is that my lovely, beautiful hair is just as thick and beautiful every where else, which means I daren't reveal an inch of skin of my not too bad figure. Bikinis are a no-no. Mystified women I've talked to about this problem simply suggest I wax ( which gives me ingrowing hairs and spots, which don't go away by exfoliating or using medicated lotions), shave (hair grows back within a day), use depilatory creams (not strong enough) and the most laughable from a blonde friend ... have I tried bleeching? No. Looking like an albino gorilla will not make me feel better. I've been to my doctor, my hormones are normal so there's no chance of taking a magic pill.

So I've turned to laser hair treatment. I've paid for four treatments up front as there was a special offer of getting four treatments for the price of three. I guess I should be patient and wait till the fourth treatment is complete before passing judgement, but I'm not feeling very patient any more.

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StudentofTao said...

Hi Hope:

I empathize with your pains. I hope your lazer experience has improved since you last blogged.

I have other vanity/ego-related issues of my own of course, and I think we all do whether we talk about them or not. I think it does help to talk about them, and then do something about what we soberly (emotional calm seems an oxymoron, but it can be almost perfectly achieved by all of us) feel needs attention.

I use Taoist and some Buddhist philosophies/practices to center myself before I make decisions purely out of emotion (mind you I do my best, but I'm not going to say I'm perfectly emotion-free at all times). If interested, check out and click on the resources' tab and read the English translation of the Heart Sutra. It helps to calm the mind and heart so that we can make decisions from a higher perspective, with compassion towards ourselves (and others where applicable) but with hopefully less of the karmic baggage that brought us to our lesson in the first place.

Also, I've learned that being vegetarian helps to change a lot of the karmic baggage for the better. You will see your body respond in a healthy way, and correct imbalances in ways that allopathic doctors may not be able to correct or even detect on their tests.

Empirical experience, being convinced by the doing, is the best. What do you have to lose? :-)

I wish you success, peace, and wisdom on your journey.

S. of Tao